Welcome to the 58th Annual Conference in Playa Conchal. Guanacaste!

For Sitecna, Costa Rica is a great honor and pleasure to have you as our guest.

Costa Rica is located in the heart of the Americas, our territory is 51 100 SQ KMS, with a total population of less than 5 million people. Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in Latin America, we live and one the most stable countries of the region, In december of 1959 the Army was abolished we have been capable of govern our country in peace from that moment until today.

Costa Rica wants to be an example to the world of how to livew ithout an army and still dedicate our efforts in education. heslth, and respect for the environment and human rights are possible, This is the way in wich our country has laid the foundations and we aim to continue living on these pillars.

Come and enjoy our beatiful nature and inmense biodiversity in a country that has known how to respect it and has protected almost a quarter of its territory for preservation, we wait for you in a green and friendly country, once again welcome to happiest country in the world!

An absolutely green meeting is waiting for you! Hurry up and Pura Vida Costa Rica!

Ronald Vega Bolaños Presiden of Sitecna